About R.P.E.S.

Way back in 1969, Rajajingar was not a fully grown suburb of Bangalore; it was still in the formative stage. After the unification of Karnataka, it was flooded by thousands of migrant families. However the development of infrastructural facilities was not commensurate with the growth of population, especially educational facilities. The middle class population forming a majority in the area had a fancy for English medium schools and this situation caused a mushroom growth of educational institutions with the motto of making money, the scenario in the education field in Rajajinagar changed completely. Persons with little expertise in teaching, education or service were setting up schools laying down their own conditions and fee structure for admission of students, exploiting the helpless parents. The affected parents of Rajajinagar were forced to find a way out to meet this problem the children and parents were in need of an urgent solution. Somebody had to give a lead to effectively counter the adverse situation. A few like minded parents came forward to take up the challenge. Shortly afterwards the idea of setting up an educational institution with self-help and mutual co-operation was conceived, giving shape to an idea and crystallization of the idea. An educational society was registered under the Mysore Societies Registration Act 1960 on 3rd October 1969 with the name "The Rajajinagar Parents Association", which was later renamed "Rajajinagar Parents Education Society".

The government of Karnataka for the first time in the history of Karnataka gave permission to start all the seven standards of school in both Kannada and English medium. The then chief minister Sri. Veerendra Patil, Sri Shankare Gowda, Minister for Higher Education and sri N.M.K. Sogi, Minister for primary Education helped and encouraged the establishment of the educational institutions of this type, free from corruption and exploitation. The then chairman of Bangalore City improvement trust was kind enough to allot the present site on lease basis. Sri. Veerendra Hegde, Dharmadhikari of Shri Dharmastala Manjunatha Temple donated a generous contribution and became the first patron of the institution. Many philanthropists contributed their might for building up the institution. Over the years, slowly and steadily the present infrastructure has been built up, with the help of many Philanthropists, and presently provides accommodation from nursery to high school, pre university and degree college, in the same premises. Now the association can boast of well designed and equipped laboratories and computer labs comparable with the best available in the metropolis. the developmental works include an open air theatre and quadrangle covered with translucent fibre glass. The institution is fortunate to have a fairly good sports ground adjacent to it, owned by the corporation. The institution has initiated the R.P.A. Academy of Music and Dance and extended the facilities to the general public too. The institution celebrated its silver jubilee in 1994.

As a matter of principle no student has been denied admission for the reason of poor academic record. Majority of the students are from the family of economically poor and illiterate parents. Every effort is made to upgrade such students. The education society imparts value based education to students from all sections of the society at an affordable fee structure with the motto of "No profit No Loss".

The managing committee of R.P.E.S consists of fifteen democratically elected members from among 206 life members and does voluntary service for the development of the institution. The toal strength includes 1000 students at school level and 1500 students at the college level. About 100 dedicated staff members are working with the single aim of all round development of the students of this institution.


Our vision is to be amongst the finest institutions in education with moral values and social responsibilities.


To provide our students an outstanding and innovative education based on scientific, moral and value based foundation.

Our quality policy:

Accord first priority to understand the requirements of students and provide the best available facilities to achieve the highest standards in education, at an affordable cost.

  • Motivate the teachers to give their best to the students and involve them in all their career developments and research oriented programmes
  • Maintain good academic ambience with an open mind, free from biases and superstitions in the campus.
  • Develop creative qualities among students and staff to proud citizens of India.